Älgö House


Älgö is an area about half an hour outside of Stockholm city centre. It was historically a location for summer holiday homes close to the water. As Stockholm has grown it has become more popular as a place to live all year round.

This new build house was designed for a small developer as a speculative project. The local plan for this area stipulated that the house could not be more than 120m2 footprint and that half of the lower floor has to be basement a so called split level house. To resolve this, we worked with the natural rocky terrain of the site and placed the house so that rooms such as bathroom, laundry and utility are in the unlit basement part of what is essentially the ground floor.

CATEGoRy Residences
LOCATION Älgö, Sweden
SIZE 240 sqm
Client Lidingö Hantverksgrupp
Dive Architects Andy Nettleton, Ia Hjärre & Valentino Barbu
Photographer Åke E:son Lindman