Transforming the Bridge

Cleveland Ohio, USA

The bridge connects two cities. The transformation requires new patterns of movement. Vibrant, colorful, active and creative residents on both sides of the river need a place to connect. Reinvent the usage, revitalize and respond to change. New easy access to the lower level of the bridge at either side and a clear separation for movement on the bridge. One fast track and one slow!

Fast track = bicycle. Including bike repair and rental shop. Two lanes with stop zones along the way so you can explore.

Slow movers = pedestrians. A new purpose for the bridge, inhabitants that not only pass by but stop and stay.

Along the path there are new zones with many different activities. Stretch your legs, have a coffee, play and climb. Info kiosks at either end tell about happenings and events. Workshop spaces for local children and artists. A local knowledge room for everyone to learn about the bridge past and present.

A cafe/meeting place at the middle of the bridge. The new functions sit within the existing structure and in places extend out bringing in light, create new spaces to explore and new views of the city, beyond and the bridge itself.

Typology Urban
Location Cleveland Ohio, USA