Salt-pan House Competition


Competition entry for the reuse of an abandoned salt-pan house in the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park. The purpose of the competition was to create an intervention that enhances the cultural and natural heritage of the abandoned Salinas without touching the ruin and with a limited amount of CLT Panels to be used.

On the neighbouring platform, an impression that honours the abandoned ruin creates a new salt pan house, a memory of what was once there. The new salt pan structure echoes what has been lost through a relationship that can be traced both in the surrounding ruins and the landscape. Recreating the partnership of the original houses that once lined the canals.

The relationship between the ruin and the new salt pan structure is linked by fragments strewn along the edge of the Giassi canal materialising how the ruin was dispersed over time. These structures create a spatial walkway between the ruin and the memorial and encourage the visitor to contemplate the beauty of the salt-pans at Fontanigge.

Typology Public
LOCATION Piran, Slovenia
Client Outsider Magazine
Dive Architects Ia Hjärre, Andy Nettleton & Ana Riesco